THE CHAINSMOKERS: Termin in Stuttgart fällt aus

Leider müssen THE CHAINSMOKERS ihren für den ß4. April in der Schleyer-Halle geplanten Stuttgarter Auftritt absagen. Bereits gekaufte Tickets können an den jeweiligen Vorverkaufsstellen zurück gegeben werden.

Untenstehend das offizielle Statement der Band:

We are absolutely devastated to announce that due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions across Europe and the logistics involved with touring at this difficult time, we’ve had to reschedule parts of the upcoming tour. The shows will now be moved to November 2022. We appreciate every single one of you that has bought a ticket and held onto it during such uncertainty, we promise to be back with a bigger and better show for all of our fans at the end of the year.  The kind of show we want to put on for you just wouldn’t have been possible in the current schedule…
To give some clarity on how crazy this is, this tour was technically our World War Joy album tour that we are now 2 years removed from. We have tried 3 times to move this tour to make good on our promise to you but each time we were forced to cancel because of Covid. What is also crazy is that at this point with a new album coming out soon it makes more sense to focus on moving it to the end of the year so we can properly rehearse the new songs. We look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the new date and playing our new music for you.