Tom Rosenthal: Krankheitsbedingte Konzertverschiebung

Liebe Kartenbesitzer und Kartenbesitzerinnen,

leider muss die Show von TOM ROSENTHAL in Ludwigsburg auf Grund von Krankheit verlegt werden. Neuer Termin ist der 22. Januar 2020. Bereits gekaufte Eintrittskarten behalten ihre Gültigkeit.

Lest hierzu auch Tom Rosenthal’s Statement:

„So so sorry to say that I’m unable to play my show tonight in Ludwigsburg. Life has given me the worst throat based cold I’ve had in years and it came just before I played the first show of this tour in Berlin. I’ve battled through three shows but have seen a throat doctor and they’ve advised me I need to take a break for a night. So I’m rescheduling the show and will be back early next year (more details to come). I’m really sorry again to have to postpone. I hate to let people down and promise to make the rescheduled show extra special.“

Wir bitten um Euer Verständnis.