PHIL ANSELMO: Konzertabsage

Leider müssen Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals die letzten beiden Termine ihrer Deutschland-Tournee in Essen und Stuttgart aus terminlichen Gründen absagen.   Hier das offizielle Statement von Phil Anselmo:

‘To all the fans,  it must be announced that I will not be able to make the show.  There was a scheduling conflict that made it impossible for me & The Illegals to be there.  And I must add, not only is this a loss for the awesome Essen & Stuttgart fans, but it’s our loss, too!  Not being able to play disappoints me greatly, as I love your city —it’s unique and beautiful and I am always treated well by the event-throwers. I hope all concerned will find it in there hearts to forgive this scheduling mistake, so we may work together in the future to make up for this.” -PHA 2019

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